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Historical Milestones

Meiji 14 (1881)
Kunimichi Kitagaki becomes the third governor of Kyoto Prefecture
Meiji 16 (1883)
Sakuro Tanabe is given the task of overseeing the construction of Lake Biwa Canal
Meiji 23 (1890)
Construction of Lake Biwa Canal (the First Canal) is completed
Boat transportation begins
Meiji 39 (1906)
Permission is granted to begin excavation for the Second Canal
Meiji 45 (1912)
Construction of Lake Biwa Canal (the Second Canal) is completed
showa 26 (1951)
Due to the development of railways, etc., boat transportation in the First canal ceases
Heisei first year (1989)
Lake Biwa Canal Museum opens
Heisei 2 (1990)
The 100th anniversary of the completion of Lake Biwa Canal
Heisei 8 (1996)
12 facilities related to the First Canal are designated as National Historic Sites
Heisei 18 (2006)
Lake Biwa Canal is recognized as one of the top 100 canals in Japan
Heisei 19 (2007)
Facilities related to Lake Biwa Canal are designated as Heritage of Industrial Modernization sites
Heisei 30 (2018) 春
Full-scale operations resume for the first time in 67 years
  • Kunimichi Kitagaki
  • Sakuro Tanabe

The Lake Biwa Canal Museum

Present day Lake Biwa canal cruising