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According to the record left in the temple, the origin of Honkoku-ji Temple is Hokke-do Hall, which a monk Nichiren built in Kamakura Matsubagayatsu in Kencho 5...

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Moroha Shrine

Moroha Shrine, which is also known as "Shinomiya", was built in Jogan 4 (862) by the order of Emperor Seiwa. It was popular as the local shrine for Shinomiya, A...

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Moroha Tunnel

Moroha Tunnel was built in May, Showa 45 (1970) as a bypass for the canal to go around the construction of JR Kosei Line.

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Sorin-in Temple

Sorin-in a temple built in the precincts of Bishamon-do Temple in Kanbun 5 (1665). The statue housed in it is incarnation of eleven-faced Avalokiteshvara and Da...

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Fujiwara no Nobuko's Imperial Mausoleum

Fujiwara no Nobuko, who is also known as Empress Gojo, received Daijo-kai (Mahayana precepts) from the Todai-ji Temple monks, and supported Akira Keiko, who is ...

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Anshoji Suirokaku

The canal meets up with Ansho-ji River which runs through Yamashina area from north to south. An aqueduct bridge was built so the canal crosses over the river, ...

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Yamashina Mother and Child Jizo

This statue of Jizo, a guardian deity of children, was built in Meiji 36 (1903), 9 years after completion of the canal, because there were no fence along the ca...

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Canal in front of the Rakuto High School

There are 14 bridges over the canal between the first tunnel, which passes through Mt. Nagara from Otsu, and the exit of the third tunnel at Misasagi. The bridg...

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Yamashina Station

Following the transfer of the national capital to Heian-kyo and establishment of Enryaku-ji Temple in Mt. Hiei, a lot of temples were built in Yamashina area, i...

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Anshu Bridge

Although it was reconstructed with concrete in Heisei 12 (2000), Anshu Bridge has existed since the opening of the canal and is referred to as "No. 4 Bridge".

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Shinomiya Boat Reservoir

There were 5 boat reservoirs along the first canal: Shinomiya, Moroha, Misasagi, Hinooka, and Keage boat reservoirs. Boats are tied up at these reservoirs for l...

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Bishamondo Temple

Bishamon-do Temple was founded by the monk Gyoki at the order of Emperor Mommu in Taiho 3 (703). Gone through a lot of difficulties during the time of wars, the...

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